Week 3: 17 - 24 April 2015
Difficulty: Level 3
How to get there: return flight to Belgrade

Neštin, a small border village, is our introduction to Serbian life, culture and landscape. Neštin is the place where Slivovitz is made, a distilled beverage made from Damson plums, hence it is frequently called plum brandy. We will taste this special drink!

After 7 weeks along the Danube the Sultan’s Trail leaves the river that has been guiding us. Starting from Susek we will walk over the hills of Fruska Gora. On the way we will see many monasteries. This is also the place with the largest uninterrupted linden tree forest of Europe. In month of July the area is full of bees and beekeepers. This is an impressive sight. Unfortunately, we will be here too early to experience this.      
The blossoms all have gone,
But still the trees are lovely, for
The fresh green leaves come out.

From the linde forest we will pass through the winery of Banoštor and end this week in the bustling city of Novi Sad

Week 4: 24 - 1 May 2015
Difficulty: Level 2 and 1
How to get there: return flight to Belgrade

Novi Sad, this vibrant, youthful and buzzing city can be considered the best city of Serbia. It is well-known for its summer festivals, but also the fortress, many monuments, museums, cafés, restaurants and shops. We definitely recommend an extra day in Novi Sad.

From Novi Sad  we will continue our journey, the path of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, to Petrovaradin and Sremski Karlovci where the Treaty of Karlowitz was signed in 1699 concluding the Austro-Ottoman War in which the Ottoman side had been defeated. This entire area is also a lovely nature area.

From Krušedol Selo on we will walk shorter distances per day (level 2) passing beautiful monasteries, also leaving the natural area. Passing the towns of Šatrinci, Dobrodol, Ljukovo, Golubinci, Vojka and Novi Banovci, the footsteps of the Sultan will take us up to Zemun / Belgrade.